Porto has several shopping areas. Here are a few according to your taste and needs:

Pedestrian streets with lots of shops:

  • Rua Santa Catarina
  • Rua de Cedofeita
  • Rua das Flores

For arty / designer items.

  • Rua Miguel Bombarda
  • Rua do Rosário

Shopping centers

  • Norte Shopping (big shopping center) – Sete bicas station
  • Shopping Bom Sucesso (near Casa da Música)

There are also good shops at the city center depending what you’re looking for (“Arcádia” and” Chocolataria Equador” for amazing chocolate and “A vida Portuguesa” for retro Portuguese items that vary from very pretty soaps to tableware).

There are also lovely pins and t-shirts and other memorabilia from Porto Swing Jam at the reception desk if you want to bring something pretty to your country. 🙂

Here is a map so you won’t get lost shopping around.