Hostels and hotels

Here are a few links for you to plan your accommodation:

There are many options around the area of the parties venue:
Mercado Ferreira Borges, Porto 4050-252, Portugal



Need a place to crash while you are on Porto Swing Jam Exchange?
We have some awesome local dancers who will be more than happy to provide you a place to sleep and relax, but unfortunately they have a limited number of places available.
So please use this option only if you really need it and have a plan B prepared, in case we cannot find you a place to stay.
If we could, we would host all the PSJ non-local participants, that’s the best way to share experiences and make new friends, but we don’t have many places available for that.
If you wish to use this option, please refer which days do you need housing or any other information you find useful.

Email us: